About Us

Sirmon Forestry & Real Estate, LLC is a land management group established to help our clients realize the most for their timber, farmland, timberland or other property. We do not buy timber or land but instead assist our clients in applying state of the art management practices to their forest land and then assist the client in obtaining the highest possible revenue from their forest products at harvest time and their land should they desire to sell.

Selling Your Timber

In timberland management, the timber sale represents the monetary reward for years of hard work in establishing and nurturing a stand of trees. It is important that the value of your timber be established by qualified professional foresters who have the landowner’s interest at heart. Our commitment to our clients is one of  professional service and integrity.

Why Use a Consultant

  • Studies conducted by leading universities shows that landowners consistently realize more money when professional consultants are used in timber sales.
  • Sirmon Forestry & Real Estate, LLC, with over 60 years of combined experience in timber sales and timber harvest administration can greatly reduce the chances of timber theft, fraud and land abuse.
  • A landowner selling timber should always be protected by a timber sale contract. The services provided by Sirmon Forestry & Real Estate, LLC includes the preparation and proper execution of a timber sale contract, including a performance bond, liability insurance, workmen’s compensation etc.

Timberland owners selling timber should ask themselves these questions:

  • Who should establish the price for one’s timber or land, the buyer or someone working for the seller who has their interest at heart?
  • When selling timber should one sell in the “bulk” or by a known quantity ie.board feet, tons, cords, etc.? 
  • In selling timber by the ton or pay as cut, how does the landowner know how many tons or loads are removed from the property?

Sirmon Forestry & Real Estate, LLC can insure that the above questions are answered properly and bring piece of mind to the landowners who use our services.

Sirmon Forestry & Real Estate, LLC will be working for the landowner and will determine the value of your timber and/or land before the sale is conducted.

Do you know what your land and timber is worth?