In order to successfully establish a new stand of trees there are several steps that must be taken in a timely and professional manner. These are as follows:

  1. the site to be planted must be properly prepared;
  2. the species to be planted must be right for the soil type;
  3. seedlings must be properly cared for between the time they are lifted in the nursery and the time they are planted in the field;
  4. the seedlings must be planted correctly and;
  5. the stand must be properly cared for following establishment. A breakdown in any of these important functions could lead to a failure of the new stand.

Sirmon Forestry & Real Estate, LLC, with years of experience, is knowledgeable of the individual steps necessary to insure the successful establishment of the new stand.

Our company is committed to working with our clients throughout the entire timber sale and reforestation process. Contractors are provided for tree planting, aerial application of herbicides and/or heavy equipment for site preparation or land clearing. 

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