Timber Sales

Timber sales are conducted only after a thorough examination of one’s property and only in conjunction with the objectives of the landowner. The initial inspection is always FREE. To insure the highest possible returns, Sirmon Forestry & Real Estate, LLC actually designates, by marking, each sawtimber tree to be sold. Once the products to be sold are designated, the volumes and values are determined. A prospectus detailing conditions of the sale, estimated timber volumes, maps and other pertinent information is then mailed to our list of prospective bidders. 

Bidders are given 15-20 days to submit bids. Once the successful bidder is determined a contract is prepared by Sirmon Forestry & Real Estate, LLC. After the contract is signed and notarized by both parties and before any timber is harvested, the seller is paid for the timber.

 A critical step in conducting a timber sale is sale administration. It is important that the purchaser abides by the terms of the contract. Sirmon Forestry & Real Estate, LLC will protect the landowner’s interest by being on the sale area, insuring that all contractual requirements are met.

 It is important that landowners who sell timber and replant trees take advantage of conservation cost sharing programs and tax opportunities thru state and federal agencies. Sirmon Forestry & Real Estate, LLC are familiar with these programs and procedures for qualifying and will assist the landowner in this regard.

Prior to commencing harvesting operations Sirmon Forestry & Real Estate, LLC will hold a pre-work conference with loggers to discuss contract requirements. Sirmon Forestry & Real Estate, LLC will supervise the logging operations until completion.

In cases where regeneration harvests are conducted Sirmon Forestry & Real Estate, LLC will coordinate all reforestation activities including site preparation, planting, herbicide treatments, etc., until the new stand is established. Throughout the process Sirmon Forestry & Real Estate, LLC will assist the landowner in qualifying for any forestry cost-sharing programs that may be available through federal and state agencies.  

Do you know what your land and timber is worth?